Chelsea flower show – Fauxidermy Fantastic Mr fox

I have always loved Chelsea Flower Show especially the Show Gardens and so imagine my delight when we were contacted by Capel from Border Sundials to say he’d love for one of my Fauxidermy Foxes  to take centre Stage in his Garden stand  at  RHS Chelsea entitled “Fantastic Mr Fox“.

The garden was built to celebrate the 100 Year anniversary of Roald Dahl’s Birth The worlds Greatest story teller a Welshman from LLandaff.

The Garden was beautifully put together to recreate Fantastic Mr Foxes Tree amongst a wildflower meadow.



The amazing tree was carved by chainsaw artist Adam Humphreys complete with the faces of boggis, bunce and bean.

The walls of the stand were beautifully painted as a mural of typical English Countryside  by Cara Campbell.

The garden also had a Cider barn complete with apple county cider which is Scrumptious and two fauxidermy hens – with attitude!





The Finished Garden complete with Boggis, Bunce & Bean 🙂

Author: Fauxidermy

Textile Taxidermy Scuplture Artist

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