Fox Mabinogion

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The foxes place as you would imagine in Welsh folkore is richly woven with fabulous stories of cunning and magic

A  fox if troubled by fleas will collect sheep`s wool from the hedges and swim into a river with the ball of wool balancing on its nose as the water rises the fleas climb along the body and onto the head and finally onto the ball of wool which the fox then releases to float away down stream with the fleas all aboard

It is said if it rains whilst the sun is shining it is a sure sign that a foxes wedding is taking place

A fox carries a magical pearl which will bring good luck to whoever finds it and its pelt contains great magic in fact the Celts worshipped the fox for its magical coat and cunning nature. Lindow man whos body was found perfectly preserved in a peat bog after he was ritually murder in the 1st millennium B.C. was wearing nothing but a fox fur armlet

The fox is life size approx 30cm tall

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