Roe Deer Mabinogion

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Taken from a love poem by Dafydd ap Gwilym one of the leading Welsh poets of the middle ages

” The Roebuck

You Roebuck with Fleeing Haunch,

sky – flier with grey – white leggings.

take this swift and refined letter on your bare rump for the sake of god in heaven.

with your leaping breast you are the fastest messenger, sweet singer.

by god, Roebuck, I must ask you to do the work of a love messenger for me.

Lair of heather above the white rock,

the untamed head grazes on meadow grass.

fine courteous requester of payment,

Leaper of the hillside, his antler sharp. “


The roe deer in lifesize and approx 50-60cm tall

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