Beddgellert Edition

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The Beddgelert Edition


Having spent many years exploring and being inspired by the many beautiful places in Snowdonia National Park, my journey there has always taken me through the village of Beddgelert. Evoking memories of my 8 year old self sat behind the Dusty light beam of a projector looking at photos whilst my uncle spun tales of the places he visited.

One tale stuck with me all my life and that is the tale of Gelert the Faithful Hound. With this having stuck with me all those years, I decided to spend some time during Autumn in Beddgelert in search for Gelert’s grave. This led me to exploring the area further with my small weaving loom gathering inspiration.

I spent most of my time exploring the Aberglaslyn Pass, it’s falls and the lakes in the Nant Gwynant valley in Autumn. It is a spectacular place with wooded valleys covered with rich carpets of reds, coppers and chocolatey browns. The lower parts of the mountains are rich with coppers as the Bracken puts on a magnificent display, a characteristic of the many beautiful woodlands in Snowdonia.

Beddgelert Edition

Beddgellert Edition Fallow Deer

Beddgellert Edition Roe Deer

Beddgellert Edition Fox

Beddgellert Edition Badger

Beddgellert Edition Hare Buck

Beddgellert Edition Hare Doe