Brecon Beacons Collection

(transcript from video)

The Brecon Beacons collection is inspired by the broad and varied landscape of the National park in South Wales.
The park consists of Four regions; the Brecon Beacons,
the Black Mountains, Fforest fawr and the Black Mountain range. A place i call home.

Living within it are beautiful stories and legends handed down from our ancestors and woven into the landscape.
Rich in history and folklore there are many remnants of the past in this landscape from the many Bronze age cairns, Iron age hill forts right up to the Hendres; the hillfarms that were abandoned when wool was no longer a valuable comodity.

Its rolling hills are a myriad of colours through the seasons and is the perfect place to observe winter erupt into spring, spring burst into summer, summer mature into autumn and autumn fade into winter.

We have some of the most magnificent displays of heather on the moorlands and the flowering of the heather generally marks the last eruption of flowers on the hills just before equinox, signalling that autumn is fast approaching.

Parc Lodge Fallow deer
Parc Lodge Fox
Parc Lodge Hare buck
Parc Lodge Roe deer
Parc Lodge Badger
Parc Lodge Hare doe

Parc Lodge Edition (transcript from video)

Hugging the foothills of the sugarloaf mountain, an ancient medieval deer park lies forgotten, a place where time collects. Once the hunting grounds of the landed gentry and guests of
St Mary’s Priory in Abergavenny, now under the sympathetic ownership of the National Trust. It is a beautiful place to roam freely. This hidden gem lies within the Brecon Beacons national park and puts on a magnificent vibrant Autumn display. The views from here are that of rolling hills awash with rich Reds and Golds, crisp leaves crunch underfoot and vivid colours in abundance. Inspired by the heavily woven and luxurious fabrics of the medieval courts i have chosen a combination of Velvet, Chenille, Silk, Wool and Linen for this collection. Silk, wool and Linen were the mainstay fabrics in Medieval times and they would have benn dyed using Roots, Lichen and Bark giving deep rich autumnal tones.

(transcript from video)

After observing a local herd of fallow deer whilst their antlers were covered in velvet I was surprised at how placid the bucks were when their antlers are growing compared to when they are in the rutting season when every male is a threat. Yet when they are growing their velvet antlers they all exist together calmly and away from the Does.

Deers antlers are grown on a yearly cycle which starts sometime in mid spring normally triggered by the days getting longer. During this time they are covered in a fuzzy skin known as velvet. Which is a series of blood vessels and nerves that help the Antlers be- neath grow. Prior to the rut a deer will start to rub off all the velvet to reveal the grand antlers we all know before eventually shedding them after the rutting season is over which once again is triggered by shortening of the days.

I was so smitten with the Fallow deer and their gentle nature whilst in the velvet stage that I felt compelled to explore the velvet antlers further. Realising that a deer will not shed their antlers whilst they are covered in velvet therefore the only way you can get Velvet antlers is if the animal has died prematurely. So naturally I had to sculpt and re- imagine the velvet antlers in a totally Faux way.