Rhiannon’s Horse

In the tale of Pwyll Prince of Dyffedd, Pwyll is challenged to sit upon Arbeth mound to receive either a wound or wonder, a beautiful maiden appears riding a magical White Horse.She is Rhiannon Daughter of Hyfaidd Hen. Pwyll sends his best horsemen after her, but she always remains ahead of them, Though her horse never does more than an amble….Pwyll sends his men after her for the next three days until eventually he calls out to her asking her to stop. Rhiannon does so immediately and says she will gladly stop and it would of been better for the horse if he had asked sooner. She then tells him she has come seeking him because she would rather marry him than her Fiance Gwawl ap Clud.


 This piece is a life size sculpture based on a Welsh mountain pony.

 The making process features in My Diary.

This Piece was a collaboration between myself and Kathryn Willis Jeweler who made the Amulets for the horse

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