Parc Lodge Collection

 Parc Lodge

The Place      

Hugging the foothills of the iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain, an ancient medieval deer park lies forgotten, a place where time collects. Once the hunting ground of the landed gentry and guests  of St Mary’s Priory Abergavenny now under the sympathetic owner ship of the National Trust it is a beautiful place to roam freely. This hidden gem is in the Brecon Beacons National Park and puts on a magnificent vibrant autumn display.

IMG_5261 - IMG_5264

The Fabric

Inspired by the heavily woven and luxurious fabrics of the Medieval Court.  A combination of fabrics including Velvet, Chenille, Silk, Wool & Linen have all been used in the Parc Lodge Collection.

Silk Wool & Linen were the mainstay fabrics in Medieval times they would have been dyed using Roots, Lichen and Bark giving deep rich autumnal colours.

Red Stag

Fallow Deer

Roe Deer


















































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