Roe Deer Parc Lodge

Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus)

We all remember Bambi the famous Walt Disney film, which was originally styled on the Roe deer as the fawns posses the flecked white and red coat which is engrained in our childhood memories . Unlike the archetypal Red Stag that bellow and clash antlers the Roe stag prances and struts resembling the machismo of the  flamenco dancer. Being a very secretive and nocturnal creature the Roe possess large eyes, which has to be said is their most endearing feature. Their antlers are more often than not used like a gardener as they shovel and throw woodland debris around in an attempt to impress a doe which they then chase around in a figure of eight which in folklore is known as a Doe ring.


The Roe deer is life size and is approx 50-60 cm tall

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