Pembrokeshire Collection

(Transcript from video)

The Pembrokeshire coastal path winds its way through Wales  rugged coastline with sheltered coves and wide open beaches. From  Cliff edges to Dune grasslands the Pembrokeshire coast has some of  the finest habitats in the uk. 

The salt laden cliff edges are laden with thrift, sea campion, and sea  plantain, joined by bluebells and foxgloves later in May when the  flora is at its best. Throughout the summer the landscape is painted  with wildflowers, Whilst some cliff edges are glowing with the rich  purples and Golden Yellows in Heather, Bracken and Gorse.  

The Rocky cliffs and several islands seen from along the path are  home to large colonies of Seabirds. Gannets nest on Grassholm and  manx shearwater and the beautiful Puffin on Skomer whilst Ramsey  island which is the closest island to the mainland has its own herd of  Red Stags. Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels are often spotted along the path  as are the many Badger setts. Below the cliffs are the seals shelter ing in coves and Porpoises and dolphins in the jewel like waters.

Treginnis Edition

Treginnis Edition (Transcript from video)

My First edition of work in the Pembrokeshire collection is inspired by Lower Treginnis which is part of the Coastline under the Sympathetic ownership of the National Trust.

The cloth I’ve chosen to use in this edition is a gorgeous printed velvet from a designer in Scotland called Mairi Helena. Mairi is inspired by the Landscape like myself and so naturally i felt a connection with her designs and i love the vibrant colours in the cloth reflecting the Jewel like seas we have here in Wales.

I’m so drawn to the sea and its luring beauty yet its power makes me fear it slightly, I also have the same draw to the hills. This connection I feel is no coincidence I’m sure; but a connection with our ancestors as they followed rivers and streams from sea to source. It’s also the feeling of inner peace and the healing properties the salty air has on the Body and mind so as you see i need no excuse to spend time gleaning inspiration from the coast.

Lower Treginnis is an area not far from st Davids and st non’s chapel. Most of my walk- ing in this area begins at St non’s well a place of pilgrimage who’s waters are said to heal. it is almost as if i’m making a modern day pilgrimage to this part of Pembrokeshire with my many visits to glean inspiration from this dramatic coastline. I generally walk till I find a spot that feels right and then I sit and Plein air weave collecting the colours and textures in the Landscape. Usually I’m sat upon some craggy rocks with the waves crashing below my feet and sometimes if I’m lucky a seal or two emerge out of the water to observe me weaving. The landscape is rugged yet softened by the beautiful collections of coastal flowers that are in abundance.

Faux Antlers (Transcript from video)

After observing a local herd of fallow deer whilst their antlers were covered in velvet I was surprised at how placid the bucks were when their antlers are growing compared to when they are in the rutting season when every male is a threat. Yet when they are growing their velvet antlers they all exist together calmly and away from the Does.

Deers antlers are grown on a yearly cycle which starts sometime in mid spring normally triggered by the days getting longer. During this time they are covered in a fuzzy skin known as velvet. Which is a series of blood vessels and nerves that help the Antlers be- neath grow. Prior to the rut a deer will start to rub off all the velvet to reveal the grand antlers we all know before eventually shedding them after the rutting season is over which once again is triggered by shortening of the days.

I was so smitten with the Fallow deer and their gentle nature whilst in the velvet stage that I felt compelled to explore the velvet antlers further. Realising that a deer will not shed their antlers whilst they are covered in velvet therefore the only way you can get Velvet antlers is if the animal has died prematurely. So naturally I had to sculpt and re- imagine the velvet antlers in a totally Faux way.