Snowdonia Collection

Snowdonia Collection

Snowdonia national park is a unique landscape that boasts nine mountain ranges. A varied landscape of jagged peaks, steep river gorges, waterfalls, green valleys with windswept uplands. These towering mountain peaks were once part of an ancient oceanic floor some 500 million years ago. In particular two mountain ranges in Snowdonia that inspire me are The Glyderau and the Carneddau. One so very different from the other.

The Glyderau can be quite a hostile yet dramatically beautiful place with gigantic heaps of splintered stone as if you’ve been transported into the Heart of Tolkien’s Mordor. It is here that you will find the wild goats that have roamed this region for several thousands of years.

The Carneddau just on the other side of the valley is however much more forgiving, a vast expanse of rolling uplands, craggy
in some places but covered in grass and Heather. Up until 500 years ago wolves and deer roamed these uplands now sadly long gone but you will still find the rugged wild ponies of wales ‘’The Carneddauu ponies’’ they are as wild as the hills and have roamed here for hundreds of years.

Glyderau edition Fallow deer
Glyderau edition Fox
Glyderau edition Hare buck
Glyderau edition Roe deer
Glyderaua edition Badger
Glyderau edition Hare doe

Glyderau Edition

Wales is world renowned for its textile heritage and weaving
of the doubleweave tapestry bed covers otherwise known as Carthens. it’s for this reason I’ve chosen to use traditional 100% welsh wool Blankets which were given as wedding gifts and handed down through families becoming very much a part of the welsh history.

I love the Geometric shapes and patterns used in these blankets and in particular the Vintage star design which replicates the Splintered shards of rock found on the Glyderau. I’ve chosen the slate grey colours to represent the Industrial heritage which can still be seen in and around the villages of Snowdonia.

I aim to breathe life into the native wildlife of an ancient mystical welsh landscape exploring the Welsh landscape through the eyes of our ancestors” and seeing the Welsh countryside in a different light.