Ted Baker – Sandton City SA

Fashion Brand Ted Baker commissioned me to make some Textile Animals for there Flagship store they were opening in Sandton City, South Africa….every store design is bespoke and no two are the same. For this project,  inspiration has been taken from Johannesburg’s famous Shakespeare garden, whereby plants mentioned within the works of William Shakespeare are cultivated.

The store is full of lots of props and curios from The skull from ‘Hamlet’ and the scales from ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Neon quotes on the wall mark the men’s wear and women’s wear shopping areas; “The soul of the man is his clothes” and, “And though she be but little, she is fierce” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The store has been described as  a little piece of Elizabethan grandeur from England, perfectly placed in South South Africa.


Delivering some of the larger pieces to Ted Baker HQ


Welcome:-) 26th March 2015

If this is your first visit to my website  welcome. Over the last few weeks I have been lavishing all my attentions on social media and trying to finish this site, which is nearing completion thanks heavens. I will use my Diary page to share my inspirations, a valuable scrapbook and the many adventures day to day, week to week that I get up to all in the name of Fauxidermy.

Today has mostly been about Mad March Hares  Which are a sure sign that spring has arrived:-)also my Hens have started laying and what a beautiful colourful trio i collected today.  My aim when i bought my hens was to get a colourful basket of eggs and im slowly getting there.  The blue egg came from my beautiful Cream Legbar, The Pink egg from my Light Sussex and the Brown egg from My Maran. all of which i will introduce you to later.


Its been a busy day in the workshop  preparing  hares, Bunnies and Roe deer for  delivery to a new Local Stockist (to be revealed later) We Also have been lucky to get some of our new logos/ branding in today.

The first piece was printed today for labels all the drawings are pencil illustrations by Lydia Knight who I’m predicting will be a huge high street name in a few short years.17191_10152700297166471_1880730992150630450_n


I first met Lydia when she was studying textiles at A level and she came to work with me  for work experience. it was quite clear from the start that she had a natural talent for design  2/3 years down the line she is studying textiles at Bath spa. Keep an eye out for her in the future she’s gonna be a big name in the textiles world.

these are the little guys that are ready for delivery tomorrow complete with their new tags:-)