Hare Parc Lodge

The Hare (Lepus europaeus)

A mysterious animal a true spirit of the wild. Unlike its foreign cousin the rabbit, the hare lives its entire life above ground giving birth to a litter of  between 3-8 leverets  a maximum of 3 times a year. These are born in a shallow scrape often called a form. The hare has legendary speed and stamina out running its pursuer at speed of  45mph. Although often thought of as a sign of spring the mad march hare boxing in a field is not two males fighting over a female but a doe fending off the advances of a amorous buck. Their turn of speed and intimate knowledge of their territory often allows the hare to live to a grand age of 12 years.

We have three hares in the collection a male and a female trophy head and a full bodied sitting hare, all are life size


for more info please email info@fauxidermy.co.uk

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